Non-surgical medical face lift: the Liquid Face Lift

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The Liquid Face Lift is a facial lift, performed without surgery, thus without scars or social eviction/ down time. This technique is primarily performed using hyaluronic acid. Tensile threads and lasers can further improve the result.
The goal and the objective is to rejuvenate your face, not to make it different.

In the past, hyaluronic acid was used only to create volumes and treat wrinkles, which are considred to be dermatological surface treatments. Moreover, today hyaluronic acid is not only used to restore volumes. The new injection strategy is based on surgical concepts and the results are long lasting.


It is recommended in the following cases :
– Ptosis ( descent of facial tissues ).
– Loss of volumes.
– Changes to facial shape.
–  To combat the appearance of tiredness or a ‘sad’ face ( due mainly to the appearance of bitterness folds and downwards movement of the labial commissure ).
– Appearance of deep lines and folds, naso-labial lines, and under eye circles.
The result is immediate, and you can go straight back to your daily activities.

There is no real ideal age. In my experience, the first signs of ageing ( facial ptosis ) appear around 25, but it all depends on the anatomy and shape of the face (long or round face, the amount of facial fat ) and the person’s daily life ( for example weight loss ).


seringue acide hyaluronique

Hyaluronic acid for the  8 points Face Lift

The 8 Points Face Lift is a technique invented by the Brazilian artist, Dr. Di Maio , which consists of using hyaluronic acid to lift the face, restoring volumes, proportions and symmetry. Specific areas of the face are targeted, each point has a synergistic effect on others, contributing to an overall improved appearance.
Anti-aging medicine prevents the fall of facial tissues, and delays, and in certain cases avoids (especially for long faces) the need for surgery.
Your doctor will suggest the best solution after analysis of your face.


I target eight places in the face in order to restructure it and add volume and lift to the face. These places are to be adapted to each patient (need, presence of pockets, assessment of lymphatic drainage ...).
The injection zones are chosen precisely according to the anatomy; the strategy is based first on deep injections (on bone contact) and then on superficial injections in superficial subcutaneous fat, this is a dual plan technique.

The treated zones during the 8-point face-lift :

-The valley of tears/ under eye circles (point 3 on the image).
- The nasolabial fold and line (point 4 on the image).
- The cheekbones (points 1 2 8 on the picture).
- The labial commissure and the edge of the lips  (point 5 on the image).
- The Cheeks.
- The mandibular line and jaw line  (points 6 7 on the image).

Side effects

Side effects are nominal however, if this type of act is done poorly the result can be unnatural,  which, will weigh down the face resulting in a huge transformation. Deep injections should be performed by an experienced physician and Doctor, who is familiar with the anatomy of the face.
Moreover, Rare edema may occur as well as hematomas that are transient.


I seem much younger while being natural. Doctor Romano used the medical lifting technique with hyaluronic acid injections on my face. The result is impressive.


The injections give an immediate result and are very natural. My face has been lifted, I look rested.


My face was drooping following a weight loss. Doctor Romano did hyaluronic acid injections and restored my face. The result is beautiful and natural.


A friend has a medical lift with hyaluronic acid with Doctor Romano. The result was stunning, so I came to see this doctor. I gained 10 years. Thank you Doctor Romano.


Written by Valeria Romano

Former intern at the Hospitals of Paris Graduate of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Paris 7 – Paris Diderot Registered with the medical board of Paris, n° 75/80452 More informations

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