Non-surgical Cheekbone Enhancement

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The cheekbones are an essential element to the harmony of the face, they define the palpebral region and draw the limit with the cheeks and the nose. A full, rounded and well-raised cheekbone gives an image of youth and vitality and enhances the look. A flat, pitted cheek bone reflects an image of aging or fatigue.
The well-defined cheekbones are more photogenic,  as seen in celeberties.

A full, rounded cheekbone helps prevent the fall of skin tissue and faces with full cheekbones age more slowly and less.
The ideal cheekbone should be neither too high nor too low but centered on the malar bone. It must follow a gentle curve that goes from the nose to the zygomatic arch.



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High cheekbones

The high cheekbones start at the temples, narrowing down and curving near the orbit. This type of cheekbone is often present on elongated and oval faces.

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Small cheekbones

This type of cheekbone is often present on round faces, but can be found on any type of face.

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Low cheekbones

The low cheekbones start near the corners of the mouth and gently rise to the lobes of the ears. This type of cheekbone is often present on triangular, square and round faces.

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Central cheekbones

This type of cheekbone is centered on the malar bone, when smiling the cheekbone may appear as a kind of ball. This is the most difficult cheekbone to treat when aging the face.
This type of cheekbone is often present on oval, elongated, round and heart-shaped faces.

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Wide cheekbones

The wide cheekbones are a mixture between the high and central cheekbones. This type of cheekbone is often present on square and round faces and on top models.

Scale of cheekbone sagging

1 test

Stage 0 

High cheekbone


Stage 4

Very heavily collapsed cheekbone


Stage 1 

Slightly sagging cheekbone


Stage 2 

Sagging cheekbone


Stage 3 

Heavily sagging cheekbone

Modifications caused by the ageing

7 (7)

With time, the cheekbone flattens due to the ptosis (dropping) of the malar fat and bone re-absorption around the upper jaw.

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In youth, the face can be seen as triangle, where the base is centred on the cheekbones, but with age, the ptosis of the fat, and re-absorption of the bone causes this triangle to turn upside down.


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Hyaluronic Acid Injection

The aim of the hyaluronic acid injection is to restore the volume of the cheekbone without overfilling. The result must be natural.
This filling of the malar region helps to lift the underlying soft tissues, including improving the nasolabial folds and jowls, and smoothing the tears valley area by eliminating or reducing puffiness and bags.

One or more areas of the malar region can be injected: (see two images)
- Central malar region to raise and define the cheekbone.
- The side malar region for more up the cheek (digging the cheek) and give a definition also to the side of the cheekbone.

The injection is done with the cannula or the needle in bone contact, small amounts can be placed subcutaneously.
The quantity and type of product used are chosen according to your face. The product is often a very cross-linked volumizer type Restylane Perlane, sometimes I choose a less cross-linked volume Restylane type.
The product remains in place one and a half or two years.


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Doctor Romano knew how to gain my trust thanks to her clear explanations and astute work. I had a real problem with my drooping cheekbones. The result of her injections is very natural and too beautiful. Thanks Doctor.


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Written by Valeria Romano

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