Non surgical chin augmentation and lift

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In the aesthetics of the face, the appearance of the profile plays one of the most important roles. The profile is broken down into three elements: the lips, the nose and the chin.
The morphology of the chin has both emotional and psychosocial consequences.
Its outline, coutour, and shape determine the harmony of the face.
The chin is at the same time a central point of the face but also a point of reflection of the light.

From the depth to the surface, they consist of:
- A bone structure.
- A muscular plan.
- The skin.


Static analysis

Static chin analysis consists of :

  • Evaluation of occlusive, skeletal and dental relationships.
  • The evaluation of the length / width ratio which is different between men and women.
  • The evaluation of the different morphotypes of the chin: progeny (advanced position of the chin), retrogénie (remote position of the chin), laterogeny (lateral position of the chin).
  • The evaluation of chins abnormalities (non-exhaustive list): the chinstrap chin, the double chin, and the triple chin.

Dynamic analysis

Dynamic analysis is imperative for defining a treatment and allows for :

  • Highlight the defects of support by asking the patient to tilt the head and reproduce the mimic ‘give a kiss’.
  • To highlight a hypercontraction that will magnify the aging of the chin by making a protrusion of the lower lip and contract the platysmales cords.

aesthetic criteria of the ideal chin

1ere photo menton

The chin’s projection, given by the chin-neck angle, should be between 85-90.

menton 2eme

The chin should sit 3mm behind a vertical line passing through the mid-point of nasal height and the most forward projecting point of the upper lip.

menton 3eme

The combination of nose-lips-chin must be balanced: if a line is traced from the tip of the nose to the most forward projecting part of the chin’s flesh, the lower lip is 2mm behind this line, and the upper lip 4mm behind this line.

menton 4eme

In terms of the lower face, the distance from the nose to the lip join (where the lips press together) must correspond to a third of the distance from underneath the nose to the chin.


seringue acide hyaluronique

Hyaluronic acid

The injection of hyaluronic acid is replacing more and more the installation of surgical prostheses.
The unsightly that can be corrected medically are:
- An undefined or poorly projected chin (receding chin), corrected by the injection of hyaluronic acid. The hyaluronic acid I use is Restylane Perlane, a thick volumizer that does not move from this area where tensions exist. For a large projection, the injection is deep until bone contact, and for a light projection, the injection is often subcutaneous.
- An orange peel appearance on the chin, can also be corrected.
- The fossa and supra-mental fold, corrected by the injection of hyaluronic acid subcutaneously.
- A chin that lacks manliness can be masculinized, we can get the square and sexy chin of Brad Pitt.
- A chin that lacks femininity can be feminized.

The product stays in place for about a year.


I’ve been seeing her regularly for two years because I have a receding chin, I don’t count on changing doctors! Sublime results.


Visible result and just perfect, I love my new chin. Thank you Doctor Romano.


I’m very satisfied with the obtained result on my chin, the result is natural, harmonious and feminine.


I was scared of the acts of cosmetic medicine, I dared and I do not regret it. My chin has been fixed and I’m very satisfied. Impeccable hygiene! Sweet and professional doctor. Thank you Doctor Romano.


Written by Valeria Romano

Former intern at the Hospitals of Paris Graduate of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Paris 7 – Paris Diderot Registered with the medical board of Paris, n° 75/80452 More informations

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