Non-surgical facelift treatment

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Ageing is responsible for several changes, which occur to the lower third of the face:
– The loss of definition to the facial oval and the appearance of jowls.
– The reversal of the youthful facial triangle.
– Changes in the relationship between the key points of the jawline.


There are several stages in the drooping of the jawline

Stage 0 

Absence of sagging of the mandibular line


Stage 4

Sagging of the very deep mandibular line


Stage 1 

Slight sagging of the mandibular line


Stage 2 

Moderate sagging of the mandibular line


Stage 3 

Deep sagging of the mandibular line


Changes to the bones 

The angle of the jaw increases notably with age, resulting in the in a loss of definition of the lower edge of this bone. The length and height of the jaw decrease significantly.

Slackening skin

Aggravated by the loss of jawbone support.

Fat ptosis



seringue acide hyaluronique

Hyaluronic acid

This is the "LIFT FILL" injection technique that provides a tightening effect while respecting the curves and natural volumes of the face, which delays the need for a surgical procedure. It can be performed at a specific weakened area/ and or delicate, and or a wider global treatment. After raising/ increasing the malar fat by injections at the level of the malar bone, we proceed to injections at the level of the oval.
Further more, in surgery, implants are placed at the mandibular level. In medicine, these implants are replaced by hyaluronic acid injected following traction vectors to restore a V-shaped appearance to the face.


The use of lifting thread is a non-surgical face-lift, which is technique for sagging tissues.
The installation of mesofils or tensor threads allows to reposition the tissues and volumes of the face without scalpel or scar.

In order to obtain a result, it is necessary to select the patients. If the appearance of the jowls is due only to sagging skin, the tensors or threats are a good indication. If bone casting/ re-oborpation and fatty ptosis are associated, the wires are not the technique to use.



Ultrasound converges at a single point reduces the fat volume by 'burning' the fat. The best indication is the jowl caused only by the fat ptosis. The results remain inconsistent (and expensive treatment). In my opinion we must not forget that the purpose of each treatment is to beautify you, then you will be more beautiful if we lift this fat rather than if we burn it.


Doctor Romano gave back symmetry to my face and tightened it, a burst of youth!


Doctor Romano perfectly understood what I wanted. She kept her promises! The jowls were weighing on my face. Very happy with the result. Highly recommended.


Doctor Romano is attentive to her patients. I consulted for a slackness in the oval of the face and the jowls. I am very satisfied with the result.


It was my first experience, I was anxious. Doctor Romano reassured me and worked gently with a great professionalism! My face retightened, I adore the result.


Written by Valeria Romano

Former intern at the Hospitals of Paris Graduate of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Paris 7 – Paris Diderot Registered with the medical board of Paris, n° 75/80452 More informations

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