Blepharoplasty without surgery

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Blepharoplasty is an act of removing excess skin in the eyelids. If previously surgery was the only solution, thanks to lasers and plexr we no longer need to resort to surgey.  Three aesthetic medical techniques make it possible to lift the upper eyelid: the laser, the plexr and the mesothreads.


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The mechanism of this action of laser is dermal stimulation: the skin of the eyelids is the finest of the body (thickness of 0.5mm) and is subjected to many constraints.

With aging, there is a reduction of the dermal thickness which, causes the relaxation of the eyelids.
The laser treatment allows the manufacture of a new thicker collagen, which, will redensify the eyelid and fight the loosening.


The application of anesthetic cream before treatment is optional because the treatment is completely painless.
Prior to starting, the administator manually identifies the folds and the wrinkles that are to be treated.
We then treat the entire upper eyelid by performing several laser sweeps.
Following the treatment, there is no social eviction/ down time (swelling and redness last only two days, the act is often done on Friday night), and no precautions is required. Sun block should be applied for at least one month following the treatment.
3-4 sessions are performed at one month intervals.

Advantages of laser vs plexr treatment :

  • Painless treatment, no anesthetic necessary.
  • No recovery time or knock-on effects.
  • The entire eyelid can be treated by dermal stimulation.


The instrument uses plasma (ionized air). The mechanism of action is the sublimation of corneocytes (superficial cells of the epidermis) without bleeding.
The tissues are simply touched. A very high temperature is reached at the tip without diffusion of heat to the surrounding and underlying tissues.
The patient applies anesthetic cream (EMLA) 30 minutes before the session.
The treatment is carried out in SPOT mode/ method: points (microscopic of 500 microns) are arranged in triangle or zig-zag on the zones identified to obtain a lifting effect at 360 °.
For 5-7 days the treated area is swollen and fine crusts are formed.
3-4 sessions a month apart are performed.

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The placement of polydioxanone mesothreads in the skin of the upper eyelid determines a traction thereof and an opening of the gaze.
The pose is done under local anesthesia (application of anesthetic cream) in the cabinet. A dozen threads are used for each eyelid.
The result is visible in two weeks and lasts one and a half years.
One session is enough.
Hematomas and edema are the only side effects.

Written by Valeria Romano

Former intern at the Hospitals of Paris Graduate of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Paris 7 – Paris Diderot Registered with the medical board of Paris, n° 75/80452 More informations

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