How to get rid of dark circles under eyes ?

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The sunken dark circle is a very common reason for consultation. Often constitutional, it is found even in adolescents. With age, bone, muscle (orbicularis of the eyelids), dermal changes and melting of the fat under orbicular can create dark circles or accentuate it.



A closeup view on the eye of a beautiful young woman. A slight dark circle can be seen beneath the eye. Details of girl with brown iris. Copy space on the left.

Hollow dark circle

Fatty melting or its genetic absence is responsible for a hollow.

An extreme close up view on a beautiful girl with a black eye. Contusion in the lower eye area caused by a punch to the face. Physical violence concept.

Dark brown circles

Caused by a pigment deposit (melanin), often hereditary.

Bags under the eyes, hernias on the face of a man. Plastic surgeon examines a patient before blepharoplasty

Blue or red circles

Caused by the visibility of the capillary vessels of the dermis which appear by transparency under an extremely fine skin. It is hereditary or related to age.


Stage 0 

Absence of dark circles

Stage 4

Very deep dark circles

Stage 1 

Light dark circles

Stage 2 

Moderate dark circles

Stage 3 

Deep dark circles


seringue acide hyaluronique

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid removes the hollow ring/ dark cricle and improves the blue and the dark. The ring is a delicate indication and it is recommended to choose a very experienced doctor trained in the technique. This is a difficult indication because:
- You must inject at the right depth and have a perfect knowledge of the anatomy of this area. The product must be injected between the orbicularis of the eyelids and the bone, so the injection is deep.
- Do not overcorrect, it is better to inject in two or more sessions.
- It is better to inject the acid via the cannula. Injection into the cannula avoids any vascular complication (this anatomical area is highly vascularized, the risk of complication is important)  The patient is injected only once instead of various times, (needle injection requires multiple stings).  Depending on the stage of the ring, we will inject all or part of the sub-ocular hollow triangle.
-The Doctor must inject the right product. The hyaluronic acid used must be slightly hydrophilic so as to avoid any secondary edema. For that I use the Restylane range whose hyaluronic acids are among the least hydrophilic on the market. Depending on the digging of the ring and facial physiognomy, I inject a hyaluronic acid moderately reticulated type Restylane or very reticulate type Restylane Perlane.  The failures exist in case of technical fault, one can have over-corrections, a bluish effect (it is the Tyndall effect, due to the superficial placement of the hyaluronic acid), persistent irregularities of surface type hump, a permanent edema (swollen eyelids). But rest assured, in the hands of your experienced doctor, such inconvenience is extremely rare.


The reference treatment for dark circles is carboxytherapy one session per month for 4 to 6 months. The injection of CO2 is made intradermally by practicing 4 or 5 injections following a circular arc along the orbital frame. Note: we have a very impressive swelling of the eyelid that lasts only a few minutes.  The vascular ring (blue) can be improved by carboxytherapy.

Carbon dioxide therapy (carboxytherapy). Skin rejuvenation.The procedure is performed on the back of the patient.
Doctor removing moles using laser ray. Beauty portrait of a young woman. Birthmark removal, plastic surgery, skin lifting and aesthetic medicine concept.

Laser erbium or CO2

This type of laser can be used for dark and blue circles. We perform 4 sessions. It is utilized in the case of older individuals given that with passage of time they loose the thickness of skin, the thinning of the lower eye lid results in visibility of the dermal vascular network. By thickening the skin with this laser, the vessels will be less visible.  For dark circles it is used to create micro-ablation wells that promote the removal of pigment and penetration of prescribed depigmenting creams and stimulate dermal synthesis. A thicker dermis reduces the dark color of the ring.

Vascular laser

Vascular laser is theoretically a good treatment for the red component of dark circles. In practice we can not treat the whole area because of the proximity of the eye and the result does not last long.

Therapist beautician makes a laser treatment to young woman's face at beauty SPA clinic. Facial laser hair removal epilation procedures. Face care rejuvenation medical correction for model by apparatus in salon. Close up, selective focus.
Beauty treatment of face skin with high frequency infrared spot or laser spot remover in SPA center.

Laser pigmentation removal

The Qswitched laser is used in very specific indications by an experienced practitioner. The sequels are marked by significant swelling of the lower eyelid for two days. One session is sufficient.



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Written by Valeria Romano

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