Erase crows feet wrinkles

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Wrinkles of the crow's feet are very common, both in men and women. Anti-age medicine has long used several treatments to overcome it.
There are different degrees of severity represented by static and dynamic scales.


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Hyaluronic acid

The crow's feet, a sign of aging of the eyes, is caused by the activity of the orbicularis of the eyelids. The contracture of the latter causes a tightness of the skin which causes dynamic or static wrinkles.
The first filling injections (1) can be done as soon as the patient feels embarrassed by these wrinkles.
As soon as the presence of wrinkles on the crow's feet, static or dynamic, begins to interfere with the person, injections are indicated. There are no side effects.
The practitioner must master the technique.
The result is the improvement of dynamic and static wrinkles with the opening of the gaze.

(1) A filler beneath the muscle determines the stretching, contraction weakens. A filling product between the skin and the muscle reduces the movement of the skin due to muscle contractions.


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Written by Valeria Romano

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