How to prevent and erase forehead wrinkles

Close-up female face with a big wrinkles on her forehead - isolated on white

The wrinkle at the inter-eyebrow zone, better known as the frown line or lion's wrinkle, is a frequent reason for consultation.
These wrinkles gives an apperence of stern and angry look.
There are different degrees of severity represented by dynamic and static scales.


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Hyaluronic acid

The corrugator muscle is responsible for the appearance of these wrinkles. When the muscle contracts,

The corrugator muscle is the main muscle responsible for the appearance of the frown lines/lion's wrinkles. When these muscles contract, it causes the skin to follow, which causes at first dynamic wrinkles (movement), then static wrinkles (at rest) caused by the breakage of the skin.
It is possible to intervene from the appearance of frowm lines/lion's wrinkles, whether static or dynamic. The first filling injections (1) can be made as soon as the patient feels embarrassed by this sign of old age.

(1) A filler beneath the muscle determines the stretching, contraction weakens. A filling product between the skin and the muscle reduces the movement of the skin due to muscle contractions.


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Written by Valeria Romano

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