How to prevent and erase bunny lines

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The bunny lines are wrinkles that appear at the top and side of the nose to smile. These wrinkles are commonly treated in anti-aging medicine. This type of wrinkles is very common, many celebrities have them.



Hyaluronic acid

The bunny-lines are among the most visible wrinkles of the face. They are caused by the nasalis muscle. When the latter contracts, it pulls the skin of the nose with it, involving first dynamic wrinkles and then static by breaking the skin.
The filling injections (1) have an action on the hyperactivity of the muscle responsible for the bunny lines. The skin is smoother and less subject to breakage causing static wrinkles.

Injections are indicated at the onset of wrinkles, the treatment can begin as soon as the patient feels embarrassed by these signs of old age.

There are no side effects.
The result is the improvement of dynamic and static wrinkles, the effect is almost immediate and without convalescence period.

(1) A filler beneath the muscle determines the stretching, contraction weakens. A filling product between the skin and the muscle reduces the movement of the skin due to muscle contractions.


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Written by Valeria Romano

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