Ultherapy : non-surgical facelift in Paris

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Ultherapy has been used in France since 2012, and has already been in use in the USA and other countries for 6 years. Ulthera is approved by the extremely rigorous FDA. Numerous clinical studies have been undertaken into its effectiveness.
Its use of micro-focused ultrasound means that just one session is necessary. Ultrasound, which has long been used for ultrasound scans, and is well-known for its safety, stimulates skin regeneration with deep action, but does not damage the skin’s surface.

Ultrasound acts at a deep level, its pulses converging on a single point, where concentrated energy leads to tissue coagulation.
Three different hand pieces are used for facial treatment : the 1.5 is used for the epidermis, and the 3 and 4.5 act more deeply at the dermal layer.

Ulthera’s effects are progressive, taking around 3 months : this time is needed for new collagen to be generated.


These are inexistent. The patient can return to his/her normal activities straight away. Small, temporary bruises can occasionally appear, or some redness straight after the session, but this will disappear after a few hours.


ulthera indications

Ulthera can be used as an excellent alternative to surgical face lifts or to blepharoplasty, providing prior medical consultation has been carried out.
It can be used to :
– Raise the eyebrow tail and falling eyelids: this is the same effect as in blepharoplasty.
– Reduce double chins, whether due to sagging skin or to fatty excess.
– Diminish jowls.
– On the body : tighten looseness on the décolletage, neck and arms.
– Treat any sagging to the facial oval: it restores tension and redefines the facial oval.


No prior preparation is needed. Local anaesthetic is not used as it can react to the ultrasound, and lead to burning. After disinfecting the face, and marking the zones to be treated, ultrasound gel is applied to the skin.
A probe is placed on the skin, allowing the patient/doctor to see an on-screen ultrasound scan of the skin: the doctor will use this to determine the correct depth of treatment.
This probe is also a transducer which delivers the pulses, experienced by the patient as the quick snap of an elastic band.
Treatment patterns are adapted to each facial shape.

Ulthera séance



The oval of my face was loosened, ultherapy allowed me to recover a firmer face, Doctor Romano is really very professional!


I had a yellow lump on my eyelid that spread and got darker progressively, with the years. I found it aesthetically displeasing but was to afraid to undergo heavy surgery, I decide to ask Doctor Romano for advice. The lump disappeared in a single session. Thank you Doctor, the cicatrization is perfect.


Not wishing to undergo surgical procedures, I chose ultherapy to treat my jowls. I am satisfied with the result and recommend Doctor Romano.


I wanted to remodel my neck, Doctor Romano offered me ultherapy. The result is beyond my hopes and I am very satisfied with it.


Written by Valeria Romano

Former intern at the Hospitals of Paris Graduate of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Paris 7 – Paris Diderot Registered with the medical board of Paris, n° 75/80452 More informations

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