Increased buttocks with Hyacorp injection

Buttocks of beautiful young woman on white background

The buttocks are an asset of beauty, many women and men want to have a B side firm and rebounded. Anti-aging medicine and cosmetic surgery provide solutions to remodel and increase this area of ​​the body.



Photo anatomie fesses

The buttocks consist mainly of the gluteal muscle composed of three muscles, the gluteus maximus , the gluteus medius on the side and the gluteus minimus in depth.

The fat is more or less abundant and localized in different places depending on the anatomy.


fesses square

Square buttocks or 'H shape'

This shape is due to the fact that the hip bone is more prominent at the level of its upper part or that the fat is located at the level of the "love handles". The overall effect is to have a square shape that appears as an extension of the lower back.

Fesese - round (1)

Round buttocks or O shape '

This shape is characterized by a fat distribution at the upper and lateral part of the buttock which gives a rounded effect seen from the back. This shape seen from the side is quite full and high.

fesses A shape (1)

Pear-shaped buttocks or 'A shape'

This shape is due to the distribution of fat around the lower part of the buttocks and thighs. This gives a tapered appearance at the waist.

fesses V shape

Inverted V-shaped buttocks or 'V shape'

This form is more common in older women, where the loss of estrogen causes the fat to move towards the middle part of the buttocks. This causes an inverted shape where the lower part is less full than the upper one.

There are differences between the two sexes 

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Men have buttocks rather flat, little projected and rather square form.

Buttocks of beautiful young woman on white background

The buttocks of women are fuller and projected, their shape can be variable (square, round, pear, inverted V). Characteristic in the woman is the curve in S of profile and at the level of the external part of the gluteal zone.

The ratio of the buttocks

Visually the buttocks are part of the continuity of the curve of the size. The size / buttocks ratio is an aesthetically important element to consider from the front and from the side. At different ratios correspond different projections, heights and widths of buttocks.

rapport de face



rapport de profil ok



Beautician doing Injection into female buttocks, body mesotherapy


The augmentation of the buttocks is done by injection of Hyacorps which replaced Macrolane. The injection is done in the office in local anesthesia. Often a large number of syringes are injected from where the important price, over 6000 €. The injection is made to measure, we fill the places where we want to give projection. 3 months after the first injection, the patient is analyzed for retouching. Below some examples of filling, we create round or half-moon shapes in different places.

About one year after the first injection, about 40% of the product is reabsorbed and the volume of the treated area decreases, so every year do not use the same amounts. For ten days the injected area is slightly painful, bruises and edema are common but there is no social downtime.


This treatment removes the fat deposits located at the lower part of the back, at the level of the saddlebags, the inner and upper thighs and the outer and upper buttocks.
The goal is to create the S-shape, as we saw above, face and profile.

Woman getting cryolipolysis fat treatment procedure in professional cosmetic cabinet or spa center, closeup
Radio frequency skin tightening machine. Belly of a woman, cosmetology.


Skin  tightening (and subcutaneous) of the buttocks gives spectacular results.

The principle is to combine aspiration, infrared and radio frequency to densify tissues. About 8 sessions are performed. There is no recovery time.


With age, my butt flattened. Doctor Romano did injections that ruled out the problem. Natural and discreet results, I’m delighted.


I had a loss of volume in the butt area, injections gave me a beautiful curve! Thank you Doctor Romano.


Injections in the area of the butt completely changed my body. I’m delighted.


I had a flat butt. Doctor Romano gave me a pretty plump butt. Very satisfied.


Written by Valeria Romano

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