Hyaluronic acid for the body: Macrolane and Hyacorp

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Remodeling and increasing body volumes represent a significant demand in surgery and anti-âge medicine.
The laboratories have created a specific product for the body, Macrolane which has been replaced by HYACORP. Macrolane and HYACORP.
Macrolane is a hyaluronic acid, of non-animal origin (NASHA Technology) for the body. In 2017 the Galderma laboratory stopped its commercialization in France because it would have been used in forbidden indications, like the breasts or the penis (many cases of not resorbable cysts were carried over). Macrolane has been replaced by HYACORPS from the German laboratory Bioscience, this product has a CE mark and is used in the same indications as Macrolane.


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In France breast augmentation with hyaluronic acid is prohibited. It is used for buttock augmentation, calf augmentation (to learn more click on each word to access the page) and correction of post liposuction concavities.


A prior consultation is usually done. Aspirin, antinflammatories and anticoagulants will be stopped one week before the session. The injection is done after having performed a local anesthesia, possibly Kalinox anesthesia is performed. The product is placed under the skin using cannulas (needles whose tip is rounded). The patient returns home after the session.

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Side effects and after effects

The procedure does not cause downtime but the resumption of sport activities can be done only one week after the injection. Do not squeeze or exert pressure on the injected area for one week.The patient is reviewed one month after the procedure for possible retouching. The result lasts about 18 months, every year it will be necessary to inject the 60% of the product initially used if one wants a stable result.


The following contraindications apply:
-Pregnancy, breast-feeding.
-Taking anticoagulants.
-Some clinical conditions, diabetes, severe heart or kidney failure, etc.
-Autoimmune disease.


Rather thin and flat at the butt area, I tested macrolane injections that allowed to reshape my silhouette. Doctor Romano was very attentive and the results were conclusive.


Not having much shapes at the level of my calves, I consulted Doctor Romano who reshaped them with macrolane injections to give them volume! I’m satisfied with the result.


I didn’t feel right in my body. Doctor Romano advised me macrolane injections. The results are naturel, up to my hopes. I’m truly pleased!


I wanted to give a little more volume to my pectorals. The macrolane injections were the best solution for me. I recommend Doctor Romano.


Written by Valeria Romano

Former intern at the Hospitals of Paris Graduate of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Paris 7 – Paris Diderot Registered with the medical board of Paris, n° 75/80452 More informations

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