How to prevent and erase frown lines

Proud wrinkles between the eyebrows. Angry woman frowning. Close-up wrinkles on the face of the girl. Expression wrinkles. Skin of a 30 year old woman.

The wrinkle in the inter-eyebrow zone, better known as the frown line, is a frequent reason for consultation.

It gives a stern and angry look. This negative connotation doesn’t like to people.
Different degrees of wrinkle severity are shown on scales for static wrinkles anf for wrinkles when frowning.

Types of frown lines

2 (7)

Glabellar contractions, type Omega

6 (8)

Glabellar contractions, type U

3 (7)

Glabellar contractions, type Omega inverted

4 (8)

Glabellar contractions, type V

5 (8)

Glabellar contractions, type Convergence Arrows


7 (4)

Hyaluronic acid

The corrugator muscle is responsible for the appearance of these wrinkles. When the muscle contracts, the skin follows, leading to dynamic or ‘movement’ wrinkles. Static or ‘at rest’ wrinkles are due to the gradual breaking down of the skin’s elasticity as it follows the muscle.
It is possible to intervene at the first signs of appearance of lion's wrinkles, whether static or dynamic. The filling injections (1) can be done as soon as the patient feels embarrassed by this sign of old age.


(1) A filler beneath the muscle determines the stretching, contraction weakens. A filling product between the skin and the muscle reduces the movement of the skin due to muscle contractions.


You really feel that everything is done to satisfy you. I had very satisfying results for the injections of my lion’s wrinkle. I’m delighted.


Lion’s wrinkle disappeared. I really felt awful. Thank you Doctor.


My close ones didn’t notice a thing! Very naturel result. Great work.


I was neurotic about my lion’s wrinkle. Thanks Doctor Romano, very satisfying result.


Written by Valeria Romano

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