Skin rejuvenation treatments with Restylane hyaluronic acid Skin Booster

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The fashion for ‘nude on nude’ make-up is gaining ground, as is the natural or even totally nude skin. However, skin quality must approach perfection. To intensively hydrate the skin, Hyaluronic SKINBOOSTERS (RESTYLANE) offers the solution par excellence. This is a stabilised hyaluronic acid injected into the middle dermis (classic mesotherapy products are injected at a more superficial, higher level).

Skinboosters are fine, very lightly reticulated particles of hyaluronic acid : this reticulation is the difference to other lightly or non-reticulated products on the market (non-reticulated products will be quickly destroyed by the body). The reticulation of Restylane skinboosters gives it a long-life.
Once injected, it integrates with the tissues, with molecules of hyaluronic acid acting like endogenous water, thus hydrating the skin.


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This treatment is indicated every time you want to deeply hydrate the skin to make it more "plum", more elastic, firmer and radiant.
The goal is to provide skin densification without any modification or features or volume of the face.
In young women this treatment slowed skin aging, in older women treats the signs of skin aging.


The injection can be carried out by multi-puncture needle, or with a micro-needle with 1 or 2 entry points on each side of the face through which the Skinbooster fans out.
2 types of Skinboosters are available, Restylane Vital for mature skin and Restylane Vital Light for younger skins.

The skin’s structure is strengthened, as well as its elasticity, its firmness and its glow, whilst there is deep hydration.The procedure depends on the type of skin:
– Younger skin: one or two syringes are administered to be renewed 1 month later
– Mature or very sun-damaged skin: first injection of two syringes, then one to two syringes 30 days later. Ideally, this should be followed by an upkeep session once or twice per year.
It can treat the face, neck, the décolletage and the body (knees, arms, thighs).

Hyaluronan anti aging treatment


Depending on the individual's sensitivity to pain, the session can be a little painful.
Small bruises are present in the 30% of cases.
There is no swelling or downtime.
Although this type of hyaluronic acid is designed for the skin, there are the same (rare) complications as conventional hyaluronic acid injections.


My face is natural and rejuvenated thanks to the Skin Booster injections. Congratulations and thank you to Doctor Romano for her skills, precision and attentive listening.


By means of skin booster injections done by Doctor Romano, my skin is revitalized, it has more shine, I’m delighted!


The skin booster injections done by Doctor Romano allowed my skin to be hydrated deeply, to have a naturally smooth aspect, more elastic and firm! I’m very satisfied.


After the skin booster injections, I found my skin much more tonic and the small wrinkles on my face faded, I find the results very satisfying.


Written by Valeria Romano

Former intern at the Hospitals of Paris Graduate of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Paris 7 – Paris Diderot Registered with the medical board of Paris, n° 75/80452 More informations

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