Led light therapy

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LED (light emitting diode) treatment is based on mitochondrial stimulation by cold light, without producing any heat: the effect is photo modulating and not photothermic, as with lasers.
This photo modulating action activates cellular metabolism, increases tissue oxygenation, and stimulates the fibroblasts, the skin making cells.


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Les uses of LED treatment are :

– Photo-rejuvenation and prevention of ageing by stimulating fibroblasts ( skin making cells).
– Improvement of scars ( wounds and burns ), acne scars and stretch marks.
– Improvement of skin texture : dilated pores, tone and skin elasticit.
– Improvement of erythema.
– Effect on pigmentary marks ( unequal complexion and marks ).
– Reduction of lines around the eyes
– Stimulation of hair regrowth (used for alopecia ).
– Relaxing effect, creating a feeling of well-being, and improving global condition.
– Complement acne treatments.


The area to be treated is cleaned and then placed under the LED device, the session is comfortable and short, between 5 and 20 minutes.
All skin phototypes, even the darkest ones, can be treated.
The treatment can be done in winter as in summer, even on tanned skin.
Large areas can be treated: neck, cleavage, face, hands ...

Young woman having LED light facial treatment in beauty salon


After treatment we can resume our activities, there are no side effects or downtime.

There is no risk of burning, redness may persist for about ten minutes.


I had a tired face, I tried LED sessions offered by Doctor Romano. This technique gave me a « radiance boost », I feel much better now.


I had a dull skin tone, Doctor Romano offer LED sessions that made my skin much more radiant.


I had spots on my face. The LED treatment accelerated the cicatrization and ameliorated the aspect of my skin.


The LED treatment made the excess of sebum on my skin better, tightened the pores. My tone is luminous and radiant.


Written by Valeria Romano

Former intern at the Hospitals of Paris Graduate of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Paris 7 – Paris Diderot Registered with the medical board of Paris, n° 75/80452 More informations

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