Anti-aging medicine and a baby face

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The term baby face is exactly as it indicates, meaning having a face that is similar to a baby. The skin is dense, homogeneous, hydrated without wrinkles.
The temples are full, the cheekbones centered on the malar bone and bulging, the cheeks full, the dark circles do not exist, and furthermore, there are no naso-genial folds or folds of bitterness or ptosis (fall) of the face. The face has the shape of a triangle whose base is at the top.


With age several changes transpire, as such these transformations result in the changing of the baby face.

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The inversion of the ‘beauty triangle’

Circles with elderly wrinkled skin shows before and after lifting cosmetic procedure. Rejuvenation concept.

Muscle aging and appearance of dynamic and static wrinkles, wrinkles of the forehead, crow's feet and frown lines

Borse sotto gli occhi

The appearance of lines around the eyelid, and loss of tone

Occhio di signora

Drooping eyebrows and loss of volume to the Charpy fat pad that gives tonicity and projection to the eyebrow. As well as a cushion, which gives tone and shape to the eyebrow

tempes creuses vieillie

Hollowing of the temples due to descending underlying fatty tissue

Chin recoil, loss of definition of oval and reduction of height of lower third of the face

Woman before and after chin fat correction procedure
Eyesore, inflammation or bag swelling under eye. Medical problem like conjunctivitis

Under-eye bags

Senior woman pulling cheeks to feel softness and looking at camera. Beauty portrait of happy mature woman smiling with hands on cheek isolated over grey background. Aging process and perfect skin concept.

Descending cheekbones and definition following the descent of malar fat


Thinning of the skin

Close up detail of the chin of a middle-aged woman without makeup showing the wrinkles and dimpling of the skin associated with ageing

Appearance of naso-labial and bitterness folds


seringue acide hyaluronique

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is used for the restoration of volumes (filling dark circles, temples, eyebrow ...) and the lift of sagging tissue (8-point lift technique).
The goal is not to create puffy faces but to give you the face of your youth.

Skin booster

The skin booster restores a baby's skin, hydrated, dense, toned. Depending on the characteristics of your skin one to three sessions are necessary. For real baby skin it is often necessary to combine surface treatments such as mesothreads and laser.

A young girl with a problem skin. Photo before and after treatment for acne. Cosmetology skin care


The indication of threads in this technique is the lift of the face. They put the tissues at the level of the upper, middle and lower third of the face.

Ablative laser

Most often used in fractional modality, the erbium laser densifies the skin, attenuates superficial wrinkles, treats pigmentary disorders.

woman wearing protective glasses, getting laser facial treatment. Facial skin rejuvenation
Therapist removing scar with micro needling technology. Non surgical treatment applied on female cheek.


This technique creates a brightness and superficial hydration to the skin. Several sessions are to be done to have a visible result


I highly recommend to anyone that wishes to have a natural and rejuvenated face. The result is just magnificent.


She’s reassuring, very professional, her advice is informed. I thank her, because by means of her treatments I feel much better, my face has been replumped, I adore the result that is really natural.


A doctor which you want to keep to yourself! In my case, she made my face natural and harmonious.


The result of the treatments was beautiful and natural. After years of medical disappointments, what delight to have found a real cosmetic doctor that took the time to take care of my face.


Written by Valeria Romano

Former intern at the Hospitals of Paris Graduate of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Paris 7 – Paris Diderot Registered with the medical board of Paris, n° 75/80452 More informations

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